How can I resolve my price rounding issue for currency conversion?

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Hello! I have a complex price rounding issue that im currently facing.


* My default currency is USD

* I use shopify markets
* I use the App Bucks Currency Converter to display the right currency depending on from what country the customer enters my website.  

Example of the problem im facing:

* Im selling a product with a price of $39.99

* When any user enters the website where the currency is converted to EURO, the price is showing 37.95€ instead of 37.99€.

The Goal:
The goal is to round the products (when they are displayed in EUR) to .99 decimal. 


Additional Information: 


This is my settings in shopify markets/preferences: 



I also tried this solution:

However, this doesnt work because I use a custom theme and the price.liquid file is not exisiting in my current theme.

Greetings and Im looking forward to hearing from you!


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Hello @UnLine , Can you please share your store URL?

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Can you please watch over my website now