How can I retrieve the product name on the checkout page?

How can I retrieve the product name on the checkout page?

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We are trying to get the product name in the checkout page.

We tried:

‘{{ line_item.product.title }}’

{{ item.variant.title }}

{{ line_item.product.title }}

However, none of these work to retrieve the product title during the checkout.

We have this issue only receiving the product title, e.g, {{ line_item.price }} returns us the total amount during the checkout.

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Hello There, 


By default when a product is added to cart and then checkout so it will automatically show the product name and price by default. 

So could you kindly brief the issue and your requirement by sharing some screenshots so that I can assist you further on it.


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{{ checkout.line_items[0].product.title }}

to get the title of the first product in the cart or iterate though all line items like:

{% for item in checkout.line_items %}
{% endfor %}

*Shopify plus on checkout.liquid, soon to be depracted.