How can I share a cart across multiple subdomains?

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Morning everyone,


I have a slight issue with my Shopify Store that I'm hoping to resolve. I am familiar with Liquid and JS code so if I need to write a script I can do that, I'm just not even sure where to start because I don't understand the backend logic in the first place.


Our store has 4 subdomains in order to split the products up by vendor. So as an example it would be,, & I am using some liquid tricks to hide products that don't belong to the vendor when in the corresponding subdomain but now the issue is that their carts are seperated. I am still technically in the same store so I want this logic to behave like a shared cart. In Shopify admin they removed the option to designate these subdomains as such so they are currently set to be "Alias domain for Online Store".


Any help or ideas for getting the cart to be shared across subdomains would be extremely helpful!


Thanks everyone!

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