How do I migrate to a new platform like Shopify on a budget?

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Whats the whole procedure to migrate to shopify ? also if anyone partner interested in budget migration ?

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Thanks for your good question.

Please share your store URL.
So that I will check and let you know the exact budget.

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To comprehensively understand the whole process of migrating to Shopify, you can refer to this document


Personally, I think using an automated data transferring solution would be the most proper choice for you. Regarding this, you can have a look at LitExtension app as it is one of the best migration method out there. I used to experience it and overall, it didn't require steep learning curve and I could transfer data easily. Besides, the most impressive thing about them is that they are able to support migrating from +120 carts including custom ones to Shopify. 


From my stand point, I saw many clients had given LitExtension positive feedback on G2 and TrustPilot which made them become a credible brand in the field. To exactly know the budget, you should visit their website to use the price calculator for generating the migration cost. As far as I know, LitExtension allows customers to have a free 20 entities demo at first which will help them evaluate their solution quality.


Hope this helps.

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Migrating to Shopify using Cart2Cart is a straightforward process that involves several steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the migration:

  1. Sign Up and Create a Cart2Cart Account:

    • Go to the Cart2Cart website and sign up for an account.
  2. Select Your Source Cart and Provide Details:

    • Choose your current e-commerce platform (source cart) from the list provided.
    • Enter your store's URL and provide the necessary details to connect your source cart to Cart2Cart.
  3. Select Shopify as Your Target Cart:

    • Choose Shopify as your target cart in the migration wizard.
  4. Provide Shopify Store Details:

    • Enter your Shopify store's URL and provide the necessary details to connect your Shopify store to Cart2Cart.
  5. Choose Data to Migrate:

    • Select the data you want to migrate from your source cart to Shopify. This typically includes products, customers, orders, categories, and other relevant data.
  6. Customize Migration Settings:

    • Customize the migration settings to ensure a smooth transfer of data. You can map data fields between your source cart and Shopify, set up the migration options, and configure additional settings.
  7. Perform a Free Demo Migration:

    • Before initiating the full migration, run a Free Demo Migration to preview how your data will appear on your Shopify store.
  8. Review Demo Migration Results:

    • Review the results of the Demo Migration and check for any discrepancies or issues. If needed, make adjustments to ensure data accuracy.
  9. Start Full Migration:

    • Once you are satisfied with the Demo Migration results, you can proceed with the full migration by clicking the "Start Full Migration" button.
  10. Monitor the Migration Process:

    • During the full migration, you can monitor the progress and status of the data transfer.
  11. Verify and Test Your Shopify Store:

    • After the migration is complete, review your Shopify store to ensure that all data has been transferred accurately.
    • Test product pages, orders, and other functionalities to check for any issues.
  12. Make Customizations and Adjustments:

    • Customize your Shopify store's theme, design, and settings to match your branding and preferences.

Remember to back up your data from both your source cart and Shopify store before starting the migration. This ensures data safety and allows you to restore your stores if needed.

Cart2Cart simplifies the migration process and helps you seamlessly transfer data from your current e-commerce platform to Shopify. By following the steps above, you can efficiently migrate to Shopify and take advantage of its robust e-commerce features and functionalities.

Cart2Cart - Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service

Automate the process of Shopify migration from 90+ eCommerce platforms using the Cart2Cart`s migration solution.