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How do we revert to an old edition?

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There are changes in Shopify POS that happened that are making our check-out more difficult. For instance, when we did a search for a product, chose it then clicked back into the search, it would keep the history of what we just searched front and centre. Why did this change and what is the logic of the order of the search items now?

Also, now when we choose an item for the cart, instead of going straight back to the cart, we have to click on Go Back to Cart. How do we revert this?



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Yes! It's like Shopify fired all the UX and UI designers in the past few months. The changes in Shopify POS and Shopify Web Admin are so not user-friendly. They are making things so difficult!


They need to a) bring on user experience professionals and b) have a forum made up of shopkeepers that actually use the product. Consult us and let us test before implementing changes.

Bloody Rose Boutique
Austin, TX
Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello @GlassHeather,

I'm sorry to hear you feel the changes are less user friendly for you. Unfortunately, we won't be able to revert the changes.


Thank you for posting this question, and I've shared the feedback with our team internally. I can't promise any changes as a result, but the more feedback we receive the better we're able to make our products.


My best,

Nikki Thibodeau | Shopify 
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