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How long does it typically take to optimize site performance and speed?

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what is the average time, it take to upgrade site performance and speed optimization?


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we need Site performance & Speed optimization in the bottom we have list to some of the tool we used to determine we need this service.

TO DO: Speed we need to bring to under 3 Second on mobile and desktop if possible in not, why?
we understand due to the code on Shopify store theme, the site cant be optimized 100% due to added APPs and extra code on Shopify Store theme.
things looking for:

-Causing apps script.
-Dead code details
-Any section causing loading issue.
-Require any image optimization or not.
-Defer parsing.
-Image optimization.
-Broken links(404)
Image optimization using tools/plugins
CSS & Jquery optimisation
Adding lazyload methods
Cleanup unwanted/unused files and related scripts
Combining reusable functions & avoiding duplicate codes.
Querystring removable
Image class changes
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Image resize and conversions to support web legacy 
Reduce DNS lookups
Fix text remains visible during webfont load
First Contentful Paint & Largest Contentful Paint Fixes

these are a few tool we used to confirm we need this service.
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Sorry Syed,  this our track record if anything was to happen, we have shopify oversee transaction.


Please send website?



Thank You Syed

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we would like to know if you can audit us, give a proposal with bullet points on services for our specific needs, time frame to complete task and cost.

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Hi Steve,


Aibek is here from Growavelabs Agency:


Regarding your question about time, usually it takes from 1 or 2 days. To fully accomplish optimization of the store. 


You have average points for the speed, which is not bad. But we can help you to obtain best results. 


Our agency provides free optimization for the Shopify stores, if you're interested feel free to join here:


And we can discuss further everything by email. 


Best Regards,