How to add customization dropdowns for school hot lunch

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Hi there, 

    Our school parent group is trying to setup a site where parents can login to pick hot lunch options for their kids. Pre-COVID this would all be manual forms and cash payments, but we want to move online to make it easier and safer. The goal is a very simple screen where a parent can enter all their hot lunch info quickly.

    I was imagining a row for each of the days we have hot lunch (ie. each Wednesday), and then a dropdown in the next column to pick whether they want {Hot Dog, Pizza, Spagetti} for each day. Each choice might be a different price. Also, at the bottom, I'd like just one dropdown where they can select the division and teacher from a restricted list {D01 Mrs Alpha, D02 Mrs Beta, ...}. I'd also like a note field where they can write their child's name.

    On the order confirmation screen, the parent should be able to see each (day, meal, price) combination with their division/teacher and child's name.

    As a report, we would like to see a list of all orders for a particular day, grouped division/teacher to help us handout the right meals to the right children, in the right classroom.

    I'm not sure if this is easy or complicated in Shopify, but I appreciate any help we can get. Thank you!

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This seems easy the best option would be to make use of the Custom Property and for each day of the week could be a product that define the day.
So one product for Monday,Tuesday, Wed so on

The next thing is the Class and the Name of the teacher that can be also listed as line item property

All the options inside the Product like the food name could be variant at different prices.
Hope this is helpful

You might need a developer as this is bit technical 

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This is a very good initiative!
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I agree that now it would be very convenient for many students, not only in schools, but also in colleges.
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I can prove it as I am now writing my thesis about how quarantine and covid have affected the education system, about the many consequences. At first it was difficult for me to search for information and I used and once again realized that these consequences are not always bad. Many solutions have appeared that can make life easier, not only during quarantine, but also after it ends.