How to customize thank you pages with product-based metafield?

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Hello everyone,

I've spent the morning looking for a cheap and easy way to customize thank you pages by product purchased.

I do a lot of list building with free downloads, provided by ordering free products, so I have a large number of orders. That means it would be really expensive to use a pay-per-order pricing on an app like ReConvert, though they look great.

So I am thinking I could do a bit of html (which I am familiar with) as a metafield on a product, and then through scripting (which I am not familiar with) do a check on the metafield and, if it exists, add it to the order confirmation page. I would need a way to deal with multiple products having the metafield filled, so there isn't a long list of custom content on a big order.

1) is this possible? and 2) where/how would I need to add the code?



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