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How to display specific pack size options based on product size selection?

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Hi guys,

My product has 3 variant options i.e. Size, Color and Pack Size. size option have 8.5x12 and 6x10 two values and pack size option also have case of 200 and case of 400 two values, but problem is that 8.5x12 only have case of 200 variant and 6x10 only have case of 400 variant.


I want If user select 8.5x12 then only one option case of 200 should be shown in pack size dropdown and if user select 6x10 then only one option case of 400 should be shown in pack size dropdown .




can anyone help me to short out this problem ?


Thank you.

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Hi @JaypalSingh,

You can refer

Hope it helps!

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Hi @Litos ,

Thank you for helping me.

I have followed the steps of the tutorial which you suggested to me but it is not working.


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Hi @JaypalSingh,

You can easily fulfill your requirements by utilizing the Conditional Logic feature of the free Easify Product Options app 🤗.


Here's a quick demonstration of how you can set it up:


1. Create your option set including following options:

  • Size (8.5x12 and 6x10)
  • Pack Size - Case of 200
  • Pack Size - Case of 400
  • (and more options if you want)

Instead of using dropdowns, I suggest using Buttons or Radio Buttons option types since you have a limited number of values for each option.




2. Set up Conditional Logic:

  • Configure the Case of 200 option to be displayed only when customers select 8.5x12.



  • Configure the Case of 400 option to be displayed only when customers select 6x10.




That's it! It's a simple and straightforward process 🤣.


The Easify Product Options app offers even more exciting features for you to explore. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your product options setup 👌.

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