How to effectively manage food orders on Shopify?

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I'm a little out of ideas right now so I'm turning to the community.

The plan is to sell meals that will then be delivered. The goal is to choose meals using some kind of calendar or a selection of upcoming days.


An example of how it was optimally solved can be found here. At the top you have the days and you can add the meals for the respective day directly to the shopping cart. This functionality is required in Shopify.


My first thought was to display the days as a collection, but the maintenance effort would be enormous and so I rejected this idea. Another idea was to use an options app, which is also relatively impractical because you would have to open each item individually.


I am open to ideas and suggestions for implementation.

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Hi @dbachmann 


We need kind of appointment options where a button will be there on collection or product.


On clicking on the button a calender will be comes up with date range min and Max date.


Once date selected add to cart button will add this information into the cart.


These information will be available on order in admin.


This whole thing can be done using custom dev in theme.


Hope this will help...

Like and mark as solution if it helps...


Let me know if you have more questions or doubts...

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