how to get 95 plus score any store need speed optimisation check list

how to get 95 plus score any store need speed optimisation check list

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Hi, I work and try many of the resources for speed optimization I can not get more than 80 score and mobile 40  anyone can share the. speed optimisation check list

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Hi, @AvidBrio

Thanks for reaching out in our Community forums and for sharing your concern, I’d be happy to help.

I understand the importance of achieving a very high score speed to provide a smooth experience for your customers. Although, there are many variables that we need to consider when it comes to increasing website speed. We have to keep in mind a few factors that we cannot control like your customers device, network, and location. Another thing to note is how your speed score is calculated. For example, if a few similar stores optimize their images and remove unused apps, then the number of stores that are faster than yours might increase, lowering your comparative ranking. Here are the variables considered when generating your comparative score: 

  • Number of sales to date
  • Gross sales
  • Number of products and variants
  • Types of products
  • Traffic
  • Apps installed
  • Theme used

Focusing on the factors that you can control, I'd recommend reviewing our resources on online store speed and our helpful guide on the balance between online store features and speed to learn more about the factors affecting this. For instance, a large contributor to site speed are images and videos. Although Shopify has a few safeguards that help prevent overloading your store, view our image optimization guide to learn how to upload the most effective media. 

Feel free to share your PageSpeed Insights to determine so that we can view what needs to be optimized to increase the speed. For example, reducing initial server response time, serving images in next-gen formats, and properly sizing images. 

Kindly reply back to this thread with any questions or updates and we can continue our conversation further!

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @AvidBrio ,

Just with some basic you can reach the score 90+ and above.
1. Apply Lazy-loading to images of your website
2. Make JS file defer parsing
3. Make CSS also Defer parsing
4. Reduce unwanted DOM elements
5. Resolve layout shifting issue on load
6. And use less number of Apps not more than 5 apps.

7. Theme Upgrade if there is a scope and upgraded theme available

8. Reduce JS Payload.

9. Use Critical CSS .

10. Reduce Large Image Sizes

11. Preload Web Fonts. 

  • I would suggest limiting to one and using a standard web font.


By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve.

And we will provide an assured guarantee plan for the website speed optimization.

For more details please check the link below.

If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask. Email us or Connect with us on Skype

Have a nice day !


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Don't use any javascript at all
Lazyload images bellow the fold
Preload any hero immage
Don't use any web fonts, only websafe fonts

Basically, don't use shopify.

it's ridiculous to think you can get a pagespeed insights  mobile lab score of 95 for a shopify site and still have the standard content a merchant would want on E-commerce store.
84 is pretty realistic for a well opitmized them before adding apps or analytics, once you start adding stuff, the score goes down.

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