How to improve first contentful paint speed on mobile?

How to improve first contentful paint speed on mobile?

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I'm running an ad on Facebook and I am getting very few loading page views with a decent nb of link clicks. I thought it might be because of the speed of the website, although my shopify store speed is good and I have reduced significantly the size of images.

Would anyone be able to take a look on the ad landing page and tell me what they think? In terms of speed and on mobile as well (the ad is primarily shown on mobile feed).

I was looking to maybe reduced the first contentful paint (or even meaningful paint) to under 1 sec but I'm not sure what to tweak any more! 

Thanks for your help!

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At first, if you are unsure if you need website speed optimization, it is recommended to use one or several tools, like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, WebPageTest or DevTools Google Chrome. Give each of them a try and then you can make your own choice.

After that, you get a detailed test result with all the issues detected on both the front and back-end of your website.

Everything you can do to improve Shopify speed is related to optimization of the issues associated with the front end. This can be a theme, third-party functionality and unoptimized images.


I suggest you should take a look at this article to learn about how to increase a Shopify website speed.

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If you want to reduce FCP more, then I think the most sustainable way would be to create CSS just for that landing page, and not load the theme.scss file on that page(you'll have to include css for the header too, or hide it on that page)
That will reduce FCP time as you would only load the CSS you need for that page, you could also inline that critical CSS, so there is no DNS request and such slowing down the load time.
As for LCP, remove lazyloading from the hero image, and Preload it.

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