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How to market properly???

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Obviously this question isn't going to be answered directly as everyone has their own ways of doing it etc. But I am just looking for general tips on how to market properly. Currently I am doing instagram influencers but it isn't working out as well as I hoped. My facebook ads are being reviewed right now but I don't think I got the audience right. This is my 2nd week of dropshipping and my 2nd store, (first store was a test). I've learnt a lot of things so far but marketing is what gets to me, so how fo you not fall for the "beginner's trap"?

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It depends upon how digital marketing contributes to enhancing your business.

1.Discrete audience reach out: Marketers can directly reach out to the customers any time without any inconvenience and it widely promotes your product through different channels and the buyer can gain information about your product and services.

2.Mutual Communication: Feedbacks in the interactive marketing approach for the communication between buyers and companies. Buyers now can interact with the company about the product and services. Feedbacks also provide a brand offering for the companies.

3.Achieve Results:  Various tools help you in monitoring the impacts such as traffic rates which helps you in converting this into leads or potential clients.

4.Right audience targeting: Targeting the right audience for your products or services and converting them into the features of the lead accurately. Targeting the right audience involves the strategies which help in driving traffics and seek the attention of peoples towards the brand and products.