How to open a liquid file on windows to copy files and paste it on theme assets?Thank you in advance

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Good Day to all, i am having trouble trying to integrate Zapiet rate calculations app on my shopify but it isnt working so i contacted Zapiet costumer support. They replied with a series of youtube videos. I am on Step 4 where i would add a new snippet then copy and paste to it the content of the downloaded liquid files. I dont know how to open the liquid file for me to copy the contents of it. Can anybody help me?  here is the instructions that i am talking about...


So you will need some sort of text editor (aka code editor) if you are not a programmer, you should at least have Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for macOS that comes in by default. Right-click on the file and choose open with the text editor of your choice.

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Hello @rcdlc26 and @Anthonykung ,

Please, note that it is also possible to only drag the storepickup.liquid file to the folder created in your theme.

It will then fill the folder  

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