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How to remove rel-"noopener noreferrer" from a link

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I'm not familiar with the Shopify platform just trying to help someone out.


The rich text editor was used to create a link to another site. Shopify automatically adds rel-"noopener noreferrer" to the link. I then open the HTML editor, manually remove rel-"noopener noreferrer", but when I save Shopify reinserts that into the link.


How do I create a link on a page within a Shopify site that doesn't have that rel tag included?


Thanks for your help!

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If your links happen to target a new window i.e. _blank, then I am afraid you won't be able to remove the noopener and noreferrer. Those are being added to avoid a potential security flaw colloquially known as "tabnabbing" wherein the target page (tab), can for a brief moment take control of the originator page (tab) using exploitive JS.


You can read more on OWASP's Reverse Tabnabbing article.


p.s. Yes, I know it messes with your referral tracking etc. but if you want to avoid it: don't use _blank.


Hope this helps!

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That's more help than Shopify support has been. They have repeatedly told
me Shopify doesn't do that.
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Do these tags have an impact on SEO follow/nofollow links? 

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