How to solve large order issues on ecommerce platforms?

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I often have customers trying to place orders that have a high number of items (100+).  Many times it just seems that the Shopify servers can't handle so many items and the shopping cart just spins and they are unable to checkout.

Similarly, I often upload large orders (received outside of Shopify) via CSV file.  After loading into drafts, they often can not convert to the regular order page because again Shopify just spins and spins and finally times out with a server error.

Creating multiple smaller orders is not a solution, but just an unwieldy work-around.
Any thoughts?

I'm looking into other e-commerce platforms, but they have their own set of limitations.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you!


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Hey, I was just wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem. I am having the exact same issue, but can't find any information regarding it. I don't want to repeat your post, so I just asked. Thank you! 

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I have the same problem and no solution.

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I've come across this problem many of times and Shopify seems to just refuse to fix the problem! It's very frustrating as customers are losing money and even talking about moving away from the platform because of this issue.