Is a dramatic increase in site speed too good to be true?

Is a dramatic increase in site speed too good to be true?

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Hello everyone, an "expert" on a site increased my site speed from 35 to 90+. The situation looks very good in both Google Speed ​​Test and GTmetrix. 

Is this too good to be true.  seems a bit fishy.

I need your help.

My site URL:



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Hello @birdiethreads 👋

I think it is not a kind of scam. He can follow with instructions from Google Speed Insights to increase the metrics.


However, do not obsess too much with speed scores. They are just reference and may not reflex exactly the page speed.

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Hello @birdiethreads,


It seems that everything is fine with your website.
PageSpeed Insights provides Shopify page speed and performance reports on mobile and desktop devices. It tells you how to optimize a Shopify store for mobile, giving detailed data and recommendations. By implementing these suggestions, a developer can significantly improve the website's metrics.


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I think its a speed scam. If you put your site on google pagespeed insights, you'll see that the images aren't loading. That this is because they blocked images from loading when they detect a speed tracker. 

We just fell for the same thing and it damaged our landing page quality on facebook. 

I'd recommend to revert back to an old save file if you have one.