Is filtering products by color in e-commerce impossible?

Is filtering products by color in e-commerce impossible?

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So I've reached the point where I'm soon giving up. I just want to be able to filter products on color and its so far the hardest thing I've tried to achieve.


I have 2500+ products. With 24 variants each. The variants are size and with/without a option for each size. The product is the same across all variants in terms of color. The product has multiple colors. I want to filter based on the colors in the product, so I need to attach multiple tags or similar to the product. Anywhere from 2-xx amount of colors. 


I've tried the following:


- Search and discovery app from Shopify. Does not work since I cannot filter tags to be shown in filter based on tags. I can only group them. So this is N/A for my case. Since I will have many tags. And I can't have collection_tags, artist_tags, orientation_tags, style_tags show up in my color filter. 

- Metafields can only hold one value.

- Third party apps replace my collection view entirely and thats not acceptable I have developed my collection view to the teeth. And it's unreliable, a failure point that render my store useless if it glitches.

- Using variants glued together or grouped to trick things is not acceptable either. Since I have thousands upon thousands of variants.


So here I am not able to find any solution.

What can I do? Is there an app that only do filters with native collection view?


Please I need help ❤️


And to you... Shopify! Please add Manual/Automatic (prefix/suffix) tag selection feature for tag filters to your S&D App!!!

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