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is it possible to add a 4th Option?

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i'm fairly new to shopify. I work for a furniture shop and we are setting up a new site.

my task today was to put a bed online. the problem I have is there are 4 options that change the price (choose size, choose leg design, choose LED's and choose neck cushions). i can do the first 3 options fine but i can't add number four (choose neck cushions).

anyone able to help. is there a way to add more options or are you stuck with just 3?

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Hi @rob678!

At the moment Shopify has a limit of 3 options per product, with a max of 100 variants per product. A variant is considered a combination of the specific option values for a product; e.g. A twin size bed with a modern leg design and 5 LEDs. You can learn more about variants here:

Some merchants work around this limitation by splitting up their product listings. In your case you could create separate products for each size of the bed; e.g. one product for twin beds, one product for double beds, one product for queen beds, one product for king beds, etc. This way you can still offer the extra product options for leg design, LEDs, and neck cushions. 

Another way to work around the limitation is to add some custom code to your theme using something like line-item properties, but this would require someone (preferably a developer) who is comfortable editing code, and it can get pretty complicated if you want each option to modify the price of the product. Luckily, there are several apps for Shopify that allow you to easily work around the limitations for product options and variants so you don't have to build something from scratch. You can find a good number of solutions by searching on the app store, like so:

I'd suggest taking a look at the Infinite Options app by ShopPad. It's a well-known app that should be able to fit your needs:

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks For The advice Kyle_W