Is it possible to alter checkout workflow for card authorization only on Shopify Basic?

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I know there is an app called Tryonify that will give us the functionality we need, however at $999/month it is just far too expensive.

We're looking to give our customers the option to select up to X number of products that they can try at home for free. As they select the product it, it will be added to their Home Try cart/basket (separate to the normal basket) and then when they proceed through the checkout, they won't be charged anything, however their card will be authorized to the amount of the products they've selected. Then, if they decide to keep any of the products/disappear, the card will capture the value of the products they've kept.

We can do the cart/basket stuff, however, as we're on Shopify Basic, I'm not sure whether it is possible for us to change the workflow through the checkout so that the card is authorized only, instead of capture?

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Hi there, 


If it's still relevant we created a solution exactly for that at Tryon, you're welcome to check it out here

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Hi there - Sam here from!

Our platform was purpose-built for this use case, and we only make money when you make money. Check us out in the App store here. Pricing is 2.99% on the net order value after returns plus 99 cents per order. TryNow can authorize cards upfront, ensuring your customers can try at home and comfortably pay for what they decide to keep. If you have any questions, let us know! Drop a message through our site and we’ll get back to you right away.