Is there a way to pass user data on home page to Cart Notes at Checkout?

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I'm using the debut theme.

My store will be renting school uniforms. As there are way too many schools (in the UK) I am trying to think of a work around solution outside of creating a collection for each school.

As a workaround solution, I was thinking if I could have a text field (that autocompletes with real school names) on the homepage then having that data passed onto me in any way would be acceptable. I was thinking even something as 'hacky' as the school name user input being automatically placed in the cart notes is good enough for me. I don't really care about my inventory being super granular.

I know it would be possible on a regular website to pass user input data from a text field to another page in the user journey. I am wondering if a similar thing could be done on Shopify?