Is there an option for India pricing in Rupees?

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Hi Shopfy team!


I was wondering if there is any India pricing available? Continuous payments in USD can be a bit challenging for TDS and other taxes. Was wondering if there is any option to pay in Rupees? 



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i too have this issue.

No response from shopify support also on these issues.

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If you're facing challenges with TDS and other taxes related to continuous payments in USD, you may consider:

Currency Conversion Services: You can use currency conversion services or your bank to convert USD payments to Indian Rupees, which might make it easier to manage taxes within the Indian taxation framework.

Consultation with Shopify: Contact Shopify's customer support or sales team to inquire about any updated pricing options or guidance on handling taxes in India.

Consult with Tax Experts: Seeking advice from tax professionals in India is a good idea to ensure compliance with TDS and other tax regulations while dealing with foreign payments.

Keep in mind that the policies and payment options of businesses like Shopify can change over time, so it's crucial to obtain the latest information directly from the source to address your specific concerns effectively.