Liquid API for store_availabilities in the cart

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Hello shopify community,

I have an issue I'm trying to solve no matter what: I'm trying to get my customers to order for pick up or for shipping, but not both. tl;dr our brick'n mortar shop and our warehouse are 300km apart.

A way I thought about was to add tags on products to tell whether the product is available on a fulfilment site or another, to prevent a customer from buying when at least two products from the cart is available at different sites. That works great, though this has two caveats: if a product has two variants, each on different site, then the customer will be able to order anyway and we'll have a fulfilment mayhem.

On the product page, I can tell the availability in an inventory or the other using the variant.store_availabilities.{available,} fields.

But on the cart page, the variant.store_availabilities is always empty.

Is this on purpose? Or is this a bug?

Is there a way, from a theme, to check inventory for a product's variant on a location to be able to make sure there's no fulfilment issues?

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