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MCA over Capacity in Google Merchant Centre

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So I'm getting an Issue Notice on Google Merchant Ads saying MCA over capacity (in CSS Programme) and they said it's something I need to speak to Shopify about as it's an issue on this side and not there's? How do I fix this please? Many Thanks.

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Yes, it is due to Shopify. MCA stands for Multi Client Account, and has happened once before. This is an issue Google needs to resolve.

When you use the default Shopify shopping app, instead of letting you create your own account, it automatically creates a sub account where Shopify is the main account owner. This is bad.


1) If you have multiple stores in multiple countries, you can not setup your own MCA (which is required)

2) You get issues such as MCA over capacity.


The solution, close down the store Shopify created, and create your own Google Merchant Center account. However don't create a new account, when others are active, as otherwise this will get you suspended. So make sure you close down the original account first, before creating a new one.


Alternatively, simply continue to report the issue with Google within your Google Merchant Center account.

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Thanks for this.. I'm already suspended on there for Misrepresentation, which we're hoping is linked to the Google Ads Payment Suspension. I've added a new card and requested a review. Hopefully that solves both issues on GMC and Google ads...

But how do I close down the shopify partnered account for this MCA? I see no option for it and can't close mine as I'm not the partner?


Many Thanks.