No <head> in Launch theme

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I've been trying to verify my site with Google Merchant Center with a "add HTML tag" option but I keep getting the following message on GMC "The meta tag on your site is in the wrong location".

The HTML is supposed to be under <head> in theme.liquid but Launch theme does not have a <head> opening tag, it does have a closing tag </head>.

I tried to place Google's HTML anywhere before </head> but it still didn't work. Does anyone have a solution to this? It's such a simple thing and I did it on multiple stores before but this Launch theme is very different.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello @Supremooo ,

Launch is a third party theme by Pixel Union. I'm not not sure that there is such issue in theme but still if you think there is you can contact theme support. 
Or you can simply add tags by checking the basic structure of html.


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I had a pretty bad experience with Pixel Union support. All my questions
were either met with "download an app" or "contact a shopify expert".

But your suggestion to manually add tags in theme.liquid worked! thank you!