Online Store 2.0 - JSON template limits

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Hi, I am trying to create about 78 'page' JSON templates, but there seems to be a limit set around 50 pages. And if I try to add more than 50, I get this:

And this is when I do it manually. But I get the same error when I try to do this with GitHub integration:
I assume, I should be able to create any number amount of templates, since nowhere in the documentation is it noted that there is a template amount limit.

I've already contacted Shopify Plus support but got nothing so far, that's why I'm also reporting it here.

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Just an update, I just received email from Shopify Support, and they're basically confirming that there is in fact a hard limit on JSON templates per type? (in this case, pages), which is 50 templates. Sadly, this doesn't solve our issue and also kinda makes JSON templates basically useless in the sense that they were advertised, as being a modular alternative to liquid templates.

Thank you for your patience on this, I've chatted in with our technical team and confirmed that the number of pages in Theme Editor dropdown = 50.
The platform is functioning as expected in this case, it’s just a hard limit we enforce. it’s not something in our scope of support.
Since this is important to you and your workflow, I can certainly submit this feedback regarding this to our developers to consider adding this in our developer documentations in a future update. While I cannot guarantee that this will be added in on future versions of Shopify in any timeline, we do always appreciate the feedback of our merchants to help strengthen the Shopify platform.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.
Nikoo | Plus Support Specialist

Hopefully this will change in the future..

Also, it would be nice if this was documented somewhere on the documentation

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I just stumbled upon the same issue. Shocked there is a set limit to this. Have you come up with a resolution or workaround? 

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Sadly, nothing I would call a perfect solution. We recently switched to Shopify, so we are also learning as we go, so I'm no expert.

But here are few options to choose from that we found out:

1. Metafields

You can think of metafields as variables, Shopify allows you to create Metafields everywhere. And you can use them in pages and collections too. This only make sense if you want to use the exact same template but with different content. You could change out the sections in the template too with metafields, it's a very versatile option.

Unfortunately as of now they don't have a proper UI on the admin side, so I recommend a Metafields app like Metafields Guru for editing the metafields.

2. Section/block Hack (Works up to 16 Pages per template/section)

I found this hack out on this blog, personally I don't recommend the alternative method mentioned at the end of the blog, but the first one is unable until you hit the limit. Again, it's a very hacky solution.

3. Creating a liquid section and template per page

This would be a standard way of doing things. Creating a liquid section and template for each page, even if that would mean duplicated code. I recommend this for custom pages.

4. Using JSON Templates until you hit the limit (50 Pages)

The new JSON Templates, they are very cool, but the page limit is a complete turn off for me, personally.

At the moment, we mainly use Metafields for pages that are exactly the same but with different content and liquid template/section for more custom pages.

If you got more questions, I'm happy to help.