Product CSV file import | How to deal with "Variant Inventory Qty" and "Status"?

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Hi guys!

I am trying to update multiple products using the CSV file. Everything is working smoothly so far. I exported all products in Shopify as a CSV file, made changes in Google Sheets, and exported as a CSV file again. However, when I try to import the CSV file in Shopify and check the columns, there are some things I don't really understand. 
1. Variant Inventory Qty is part of the CSV file and matched with barcode by default. I understand from Shopify's help articles that inventory should be managed via a separate inventory CSV file. Should I just uncheck the box and thereby ignore the column?
2. The Status column is also matched with barcode. The dropdown does not have any option, that fits to "status". In Shopify's help article it says: "If the column is missing, then all products upload as active.". I have several products in the CSV file that should upload as draft. So not all products should become active. 
How do I proceed?
Thanks for your help!
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Absolutely infuriating! Dealing with the same problem. I need my products to be set to draft!. The Shopify help pages are useless as they who a column for stratus!!! its been a week and no reply?