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Would appreciate if someone would help me with this question.    I have looked and looked.   When I bring up my product list on the dropdown menu there are several different codes that you can select.   (Default, simple, apex, etc.).    I don't know what they mean.     I don't want one product to show on my site (default).   I would like the whole list to show whe someone goes to the catolog on the menu.     I am using the Impulse theme.    Not sure if it is part of the Shopify site or Impulse site that I need to deal with.  


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Hi @Patty4 
Sincerely hope you're having a great day!
I've read your problem and, before providing a solution, would like to analyze your website. Then, I will provide a solution to you up here - on the forum.
Could you share your website URL? And if your website is password protected, then also provide a password?