Product Page - Collection Vendor/Type Links

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Hello folks,

On the product page, I want the product type and product vendor to be a clickable link below the description to take them to the correct collection page.

I know I can use the code below in my product.liquid which does work. However, it takes you to the /vendors?q=xxxxx and /types?q=xxxxx which doesn't display the actual collection descriptions and it also isn't great for SEO.

How can I get it to take them to a specified normal collection that has the collection descriptions etc. without manually entering links on every product's HTML in the product admin?

Is there a way I could use metatags or something to assign a vendor and type collection to each product maybe? Help is very appreciated. Thanks! 

<li>Brand: <strong>{{ product.vendor | link_to_vendor }}</strong></li>
<li>Type: <strong>{{ product.type | link_to_type }}</strong></li>

Many thanks,