Re: "Add to cart" and "Check out" buttons take exactly 5 seconds to appear?

"Add to cart" and "Check out" buttons take exactly 5 seconds to appear?

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Investigating a strange issue on my Shopify site where the "add to cart" button (on product pages) and "check out" button (in the cart) both take five seconds to appear after the page loads.


Example link to product:


It's been doing this for several months and I've not been able to figure out why. There don't appear to be any obvious errors in the browser's console. Any idea why this might be?




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Hi, I would suggest installing a lazy loader. U can also check these and implement: , , 

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Hello @SeaOfStars,

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I checked your store. I am seeing an error in the Console. Check it.
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It seems that you will require to improve your website speed to load HTML content faster.

1. Add pagination in the pages where you are listing products like
Adding too many images on a page can be frustrating. It can significantly slow the load time of your website. Also, it can overwhelm visitors, which will ultimately result in a poor user experience, a high bounce rate, and a high probability of lower rankings in relative search results.
2. Image compression is important and a necessity for faster-loading web pages. Make sure your images are of good quality and do not add too many images on a single page.
3. Use a theme which is optimized for performance means a theme that is responsive, fast, and takes minimal time to load the page.
4. Use Lazyload wherever required to reduce initial load time
5. Remove all unwanted Shopify Apps which you are not using
You should disable app features you don't use, or you can remove the app if you don't need it. If you are removing an app make sure to remove code that was added as part of the app install process.
6. Use minified CSS and JS files

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Hello @SeaOfStars


We can check that, this issue arises because of an app code. You might have used an app earlier, this app code hides the ATC button for 5 seconds and then displays it. Either you need to remove this code or you need to connect with the app support team to get this issue resolved at the earliest.





Hope it helps, let us know if you need any help with it. 




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