Resolving Unwanted White Space Beneath Image Banner in Dawn Theme

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Hello Community,

I am experiencing an issue with the default placement of the footer in the Dawn theme, which is causing unwanted white space beneath my image banner on my homepage. I have attempted various CSS and JavaScript solutions to remedy this, but the white space remains persistent.


  • Theme: Dawn
  • Section: Image Banner (ID: #shopify-section-template--20988410790180__image_banner)
  • Problem: Unwanted white space appearing below the image banner and above the footer.

Attempted Solutions:

  1. CSS Modifications: Tried modifying padding and margin to reduce the white space.
  2. JS Modifications: Used JavaScript to dynamically adjust the height of the image/banner section.
  3. HTML Structure Review: Verified the structure and classes/IDs, ensuring the accurate application of styles.

Website link:
Kalakaar (




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