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Safari Referrer Policy

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Is there a workaround/solution to Safari's referrer policy? I have set a custom referrer policy that works on Chrome and Firefox,  though on Safari it does not send over the full referrer link. This is critical for traffic tracking and determining where shoppers are coming from. Any guidance and help would be much appreciated. 

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Hi were you able to fix this ? do you know how we can set the Referrer-Policy header ? 

basically chrome will default to origin according to this article: 

and unless we override this header from server side our own analytic code will not work. like getting the search term since you can only obtain it from document.referrer AFAIK...

even Shopify analytics does not show the search term or referrer path. Not sure why no one is complaining. unless I am missing something.

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Any help please. I posted a new topic/question about this but it seems the admins removed it without any notice. Also it seems there is a trend here to ignore questions or when someone brings a bug or something not working to the community. for example I posted my topic here:

No one answered. but later on when I checked again Shopify fixed the issue without even posting a reply.

Back to the subject above removing my topic/question WITHOUT a NOTICE does not look professional.. when the analytics does not show search term because we cannot control server headers. I don't think I did a mistake when I bring these things its actually the opposite. it will improve the system and make it better.