Shopify CLI Error: "Operation Not Permitted" when running 'Shopify theme serve'

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I'm having issues trying to use the Shopify CLI to create a development theme. Once I get to running 'Shopify theme serve' I get the following error:

"<internal:dir>:134:in `glob': Operation not permitted - ./Library/Accounts (Errno::EPERM)"

Steps to reproduce

  1. 'Shopify Login' to log into my development store
  2. 'Shopify theme init' to create a new theme
  3. 'Shopify theme serve' to serve the theme
  4. ERROR

This appears to be a separate issue to this one: as I get the same error message when using my collaborator account (as apposed to a store owner account or staff account as I'm using now).

Please help.


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Hello! I was running into this issue too. I finally realized, at least for me:

- My theme was connected to github (as described in the docs here:

- But I was on a different branch than the one that was connected to the theme

- Once I switched back to the branch that was connected to the theme, the error went away!