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Shopify dynamic checkout button redirects to wrong checkout locale?

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Hi All,


The area I am going to discuss is relatively new but I do hope someone from Shopify can shed some light on my question.


The new multi-language support is obviously based on the locale specific urls, for example


When a locale specific url is loaded in the browser all liquid objects are loaded with their translated properties, if there are translations of course.


The checkout can also be localized and to load the checkout with a specific locale, the locale needs to be added to the relative /cart url on a product form. So a German Add to cart button should submit a product form with the following url: "/de/cart".


However many themes use dynamic checkout buttons or the so-called Buy it now buttons. These buttons are generated by using the payment button filter like this: 


{{ form | payment_button }}


And we cannot find a way to control to what url these buttons submit the product form. Even if the current url is localized the dynamic checkout button will ignore this and open the the checkout without specifying the current locale.


This results in the following problem. For example, a store has English as the default language and German as an additional language. A visitor is viewing a product page in German and presses on the Buy it now button. The checkout is opened in English.


I hope someone from Shopify can comment on this.




Milen from Sherpas Design

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Hello Milen,


We are facing the similar issue. Have you got any solution for this problem?


Best Regards,


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We are facing the similar issue.

even with static link towards : "/checkout?locale=en" the checkout always appears in the default language, which is a big problem for us.

It seems related to similar issues where thre is no response from Shopify :

Best regards

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I am having a similar issue,

Only difference is in my case the default checkout is loaded when is press ATC button!