Show cart note on checkout Express theme

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Hello, I'm using the Express theme. I am adding a delivery date to the cart, but it is not shown on the checkout page.
<span style="display:block" class="instructions">Delivery date:</span>
<input class="form__input" id="date" type="text" name="attributes[date]" value="{{ }}"/>
<span style="display:block" class="instructions"> ** Normalt leverer vi blomster etter 14:00. Skal blomsten kjøres tidligere, skriv det i tilleggsopplysninger. Vær oppmerksom at vi ikke leverer på søndager.</span>

I checked the cart.liquid, tried to add normal cart note by changing {% if settings.show_cart_note %} to {% if 1 %} (because the Express theme doesn't have Enable cart note on its admin interface). The cart note is shown on Cart, but not on Checkout page either.

I checked all possible solutions, such as: adding Additional scripts as the following link to Setting/Checkout/Order processing

But the note does not show on Check out page.

Anyway, I would like to have my Delivery date on Checkout. My website is Code for access is "browch"

I would appreciate any help. Thanks a lot