Speed score drops with each compressed photo

Speed score drops with each compressed photo

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I'm trying to improve SEO on my Shopify store. I use Printify, and Printify uploads a ton of high resolution images, per product, to the store. I decided to keep no more than 3-4 images per product, and delete all of the unnecessary images. Once I completed the task, I noticed that the speed score dropped from 89 to 70, just by deleting those extra images. Then, I started to compress the remaining images, thinking that the speed score would improve. I edited about 50 products ( compressed  images, product description, alt text, etc), and noticed that my speed score dropped even more.  Now I'm at 56 speed score. 


The only apps I have are : - Geolocation, Printify, Point of sale, Google & Youtube, Pin it, Translate & adapt, Shop, Email. These apps were installed 3 months ago and have caused no issues so far. No other apps were installed in the past. I don't use any videos or gif images in my store.


  What could be the case of my dropping speed score, and how can I fix it?

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Hello @MelinaMyron,


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There are a few possible reasons why your Shopify speed score dropped after compressing your images.


* You may have compressed your images too much. When you compress an image, you're essentially reducing the file size by removing some of the data. This can improve the loading speed of your website, but if you compress the image too much, you may start to lose image quality. This could be why your speed score dropped after compressing your images.

* You may have deleted some important images. When you deleted the extra images from your products, you may have also deleted some important images that were necessary for your website to load properly. This could also be why your speed score dropped.

* Your theme or apps may be causing problems. It's also possible that your theme or one of your apps is causing problems with your website's speed. If you've recently made any changes to your theme or installed any new apps, this could be the cause of your speed score drop.


To fix your speed score, you can try the following:


* Reupload your images at the original size. This may seem counterintuitive, but if you've compressed your images too much, reuploading them at the original size could improve your speed score.

* Reupload your deleted images. If you deleted some important images, reuploading them could also improve your speed score.

* Check your theme and apps for conflicts. If you've recently made any changes to your theme or installed any new apps, try disabling them one by one to see if that resolves the issue. You can also contact the theme developer or app developer for help.

* Use a speed optimization tool. There are a number of speed optimization tools available that can help you identify and fix problems with your website's speed. These tools can also provide you with recommendations for improving your speed score.


If you've tried all of these things and you're still having trouble with your speed score, you may want to contact Shopify support for help.


I hope this information proves useful.



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