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Test Production Usage Charge

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We have currently implemented usage-based fees in our application where we create a $0.00 recurring application charge and apply usage charge on this.

We have tested this flow on our staging environment where we set the test flag as true. 


However, when testing actual charge, we are getting the following error. 

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 How do we test this on production environment?


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Hey @Simulativ,

The issue is your using a development store and trying to install a paid app. This is not allowed, unfortunately you’d have to upgrade your development store to a paid plan. 

Alternatively, you could allow your app to be installed on development stores for free, but I guess that would defeat the object of testing the payment!

I assume you’ve tried the ‘test’ flag as part of the payment API? This was created for testing paid plans in development, and I think it’s safe to assume if it works with the test charge it will work as usual when you remove the test flag from the API call.

Hope this helped.


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I upgraded my development store to a basic paid plan but it will still not let me install the app.