Update Template suffix field by CSV

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Is it possible to update this field directly via a CSV file (not an additional app)?

What columns are required if so?

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Hey @insert_username and @gina-gregory 

Thank you for suggesting Excelify.

Indeed currently Shopify native import does not seem to support importing the Template Suffix field, but you can do this in bulk with Excelify.

The process is quite simple, you really need to construct a file with two columns:

  • Handle - products Handle as it is in your store
  • Template Suffix - the template's name, without ".liquid" at the end and "products." at beginning

You can also update it in bulk for Custom Collections, Smart Collections, Pages, and Blog Posts.

As @gina-gregory mentioned - you can use Excelify for free up to 10 Items per import/export, so depending on how many Products you have, you could create multiple imports to update this in bulk for free, or you can take paid subscription plan, to update with a single import.

If you are interested in using Excelify or have any questions, feel free to contact us directly!

Matrixify | Bulk Import Export Update | https://apps.shopify.com/excel-export-import | https://matrixify.app
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Thanks for your responses @gina-gregory @Renars

Confirms what I suspected regarding csv import option for Shopify - very disappointing how limited it appears to be

@Renars I did come across your app. Whilst it does seem to be very good and popular; from our perspective, it isn't a financially viable option at present. Maybe in the future