URL Structure for blog posts & 'Pages' question.

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Hi guys,

I have two questions that are probably fairly obvious to someone here!

Firstly I would like to change the URL structure on my site to have it shorter and simpler.

I'm aware there are limitations but I wonder how much I can change? 


I would like to know if it's possible to:

a) Change "blogs" with "articles".

b) Not have "news" in there at all?

Second question is me wondering why from the dashboard when I go 'Sales Channels' > 'Online Store' > 'Pages' I have no pages? How come home/shop/blog pages are not there and is this actually an issue or not? (I read that the Page's page is good to adjust to optimise SEO.


Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. 


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1a. Can't change*

1b. Can't remove*, but can change blog handle

2. Needs context. Shopify has a few different page types. Products, Collections, Blog, Article, Page. Then a couple special page types like Home, CollectionsList. That area in the Online Store Admin nav is referring only to 'Page' pages, which you have none of, in Shopify terminology.

* technically, there are extreme ways to modify the URL routing structure (without going headless) but they involve complex IT/dev capability to setup proxies, Cloudflare Workers or similar.

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Hi team, 

Need help for shortening URL in our collection page for existing pages and future additions, 
We have given you an example below for reference,

Current collection page URL https://www.work-tops.com/collections/granite
How we want the URL to look like https://www.work-tops.com/granite

please guide us with any available solutions, we are also open to hire experts if required!

Thank you