Why am I charged for canceled orders?

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A customer makes an order then 2 minutes later cancels that order.


Why do I still get charged a fee??

How many hundreds of dollars have I paid for this obvious mistake in calculating fees??


Paypal refunds the fee when an order is cancelled.

Shopify.. do the same.

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Not one word from Shopify??

Just last night I had 3 orders cancelled and again I was charged a fee for each one.


Is that right? Is that the right thing to do??


Amazon refunds the fees, Paypal refunds the fees. Get with the program Shopify or justify why you charge fees even if the order is cancelled.

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I faced the same problem recently and this is absolutely disappointing. Perhaps we shall open a petition against Shopify's new rules about non-refunded fees for cancelled orders. Would you sign this kind of petition if we'll have it?

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Bit late but yes, I will sign it.

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This is why my two subsequent stores were launched on another platform.  I'm fine with Shopify making an honest buck, but this is stealing.  How do they take a fee when there's no risk, no profit for the store and no transaction?  How do they take money when the store owner has no control over any of the actions and no revenue for the transaction to pay Shopify with?  For all we know, Shopify themselves could be creating and cancelling these orders to drum up additional revenue.  

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I just found this out about Shopify and I've been on the platform for over 14 years. We were one of their first clients! (don't ask me how I didn't know). We sell high-value items. Someone purchased a $4500 bike on accident, we cancel 5 minutes later. Shopify takes a $230 fee? I am FLOORED.