Why are my conversion rates showing as zero after recent updates?

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We've been having problems with the Shopify statistics and the conversion rate since the Shopify Summer updates.

We get multiple orders daily, abandoned checkouts, but under stats, "added to cart", "checkout reached", "converted session" and "conversion rate" are all 0.

We have checked with our cookie partner and the acceptance rate for the cookie banner is 85%.

We've had our G4A analytics updated and everything is ok that end.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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We have the same problem.  Our conversion rate is very low despite very good sales.  All the numbers are wrong.  I cannot see why cookies etc. would affect this as Shopify have their own statistics based on internal metrics.  Not sure about G4A, but we've always had incorrect (and low) conversion rates on G4A.  UA was accurate (give or take time differences etc) and matched Shopify.

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Hey there did you manage to resolve this issue after? We have the same problem