Why are my Facebook ad sales not showing up in my store?

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I'm running Facebook ads for my store, their showing 4 purchase but in my shopify store it showing no sales or orders what's that mean? I didn't get any orders or sales? But yeah it showing CTR, visitors and etc.. Please help me 

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If you're running Facebook ads and seeing purchase events reported on Facebook Ads Manager but not seeing corresponding sales or orders in your Shopify store, there could be a few possible explanations:

  1. Delayed reporting: There can sometimes be a delay between the time a purchase event occurs and when it is reflected in your Shopify store's order data. This delay could be due to various factors, such as syncing issues between Facebook and Shopify or differences in reporting timeframes.

  2. Tracking pixel issues: Ensure that the Facebook pixel is correctly installed on your Shopify store and properly configured to track purchase events. Double-check that the pixel code is present on all relevant pages, including the checkout confirmation page, where purchase events are typically tracked.

  3. Attribution discrepancies: The reported purchase events on Facebook Ads Manager might include all conversions attributed to your ads, including view-through conversions. These are conversions that occur when someone sees your ad but doesn't click on it, yet still makes a purchase later. However, Shopify typically attributes conversions based on click-throughs rather than view-throughs. This discrepancy could explain why you see purchase events on Facebook but not in your Shopify store.