Why are some products and variants not showing on my website?

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Here is my problems and I don't know if they are connected or not, probably not, and I'm sure I made a mistake somewhere. Number one, A while back I changed the theme, and I think that is when this happened but not sure. About two weeks after said theme change, I realized that I was only showing  about 8 products, even though on my admin page it was still showing that 18 should be listed. I have read everything I could find, but I did not find this problem, what could it be? 


Mumber two,  yesterday I went through and listed two styles of ornament, on one it was a upload your image, the other was designs I made with the AI  generator. I had made a total of 5 variants, with only one quantity. I saved all my designs, and then published all of them as variants. A couple hours later, I noticed that only one variant was posted. Why didn't the other 4 post? I do have an idea on that, when doing the designs, I did not use a blank ornament for each desing, I just added the new desing over the existing, I did that because I could not figure out how to erase the old design, or start with a fresh blank. I figure both are simple fixes, but I'm starting to get a headache from trying to learn. Somebody please keep me from the migrain that is coming.....

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