Why are there so many technical issues with my ecommerce platform?

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Shopify must be the worse ecom platform on the market. The platform is absolutely covered in bugs and they don't even provide a refund for fees for months and months of problems.

1. The store provides no emails or notifications on any sales 

2. Emails from the do not get forwarded so you never know if anyone has contacted you   

3. Shipping integrations do not work and shipping details do not load in the integrations from the store

4. It took shopify months to verify the bank details... for some reason it got left in a limbo in a dark hole when the verify identity feature was not working. during this time they kept charging me monthly fees and won't even refund the feed or credit them, while the store is not functioning properly.

It's just constant. My workdays are too heavy for me to constantly spend 1-2 hours with Shopify support on a regular basis to try and fix the many tech problems that occur.

I would not recommend this platform to anyone wanting to sell online. However, now we have spend months of labour setting up the store and content (had I known I would never chosen Shopify).


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Some things you've posted are clearly account level/payment things so not an area the forum community members would have insights into.

In case you're looking for an assist (rather than just wanting to leave a recommendation) there's some things that could be talked about a little here.

  1. You would have notifications for things like new orders and unless you're on the Plus plan, these are not something you can disable. All shops have it. You should check to ensure the emails address is correct, and if it is then go an review any spam or filtering rules you have setup on the email server side.

  2. Something missing from your bullet point but you might be talking about the contact form. Similar point to the above. If you are not getting either it would make be assume (and still only an assumption) that it's more about the email server settings/rules vs something not being sent.

  3. What's not working with the shipping integration?


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How would they be 'account level' associated? We've got two shops with the same basic account subscription. This one has endless tech problems (the other one has problems too but not the same as this shop).

1. Zero notifications. And no, it's not spam filter or incorrect email. There are no emails arriving into spam from Shopify. No emails at all arrive from Shopify.

2. Shipping integration with the postal services, same thing: no notifications and orders do not get forwarded to the shipping platform. I have to manually create labels.