Why can't I connect Firestore to my Hydrogen app?

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I can't get Firebase's firestore to connect with my Hydrogen app no matter how I seem to approach it. I have a firebase.js file exporting my db connection (I know this is wrong with remix, but I've been unable to find a workable solution for firebase and remix that works with the Hydrogen setup.


When I go to import my db anywhere `import {db} from '~/lib/firebase';`, Hydrogen sends me a stream of errors beginning with 





[1] ✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "net"
[1]     node_modules/gaxios/node_modules/https-proxy-agent/dist/agent.js:15:38:
[1]       15 │ const net_1 = __importDefault(require("net"));




Any help would be amazing... Firebase.js looks like this:




import {getFirestore} from 'firebase-admin/firestore';
import {initializeApp} from 'firebase/app';

const firebaseConfig = {
  apiKey: 'xxxxxxx',
  authDomain: 'xxxxx',
  projectId: 'xxxxx',
  storageBucket: 'xxxx',
  messagingSenderId: 'xxxx',
  appId: 'xxxxx',
  measurementId: 'xxxxx',

const app = initializeApp(firebaseConfig);
// Export firestore database
// It will be imported into your react app whenever it is needed
export const db = getFirestore(app);





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You can't use firebase-admin in Oxygen because it doesn't support nodejs. You could try adding polyfills to the remix config, but I'm not sure it would work completely.


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