Why can't I markdown prices under existing products anymore?

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Hi everyone

Why can't I 'mark down' pricing under an existing product anymore? I want to change the price (but to markdown effect) but it won't allow me, just changes the original price, To access the mark down option, I have to 'add new product' and transfer all the info across (except price) for this box to appear to allow me to mark down my items.


I have over 100 items I want to add this markdown to so don't really want to do it like this, will take me days instead of an hour or two like how it use to be.

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Hi @Boris868 ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't currently offer a direct "markdown" option within existing products. Although adding a new product with the discounted price is the standard approach, it can be tedious for a large number of items. Here are alternatives:

--Bulk Editor: Update the price field for all desired products in one go.
--Inventory Management Apps: Explore apps for features like bulk price adjustments or temporary sales.
--CSV Import/Export: Modify prices in a CSV file and re-import it into Shopify.
--Contact Shopify Support: Get insights into plans or alternative suggestions.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Can we look at changing that? From what I can see, this would be beneficial to have the ability to do.