Why can't I reach the website artcoolture.com on Shopify?

Why can't I reach the website artcoolture.com on Shopify?

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Currently facing a persistent problem with accessing a specific website, artcoolture.com hosted on the Shopify platform. Consite encounters the error message: "This site can't be reached," along with the accompanying error code "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT." I've been in communication with the technical team for over a month, but they have not provided me with a direct solution to the issue and have taken extremely long to respond. 

IMPORTANT Based on the consistent issue encountered while accessing 'artcoolture.com' and the results of multi-location testing 4 out of 10 devices and networks, have the issue and are specific to the Shopify store 'artcoolture.com. All other websites work perfectly. This conclusion is reinforced by the fact that all other websites are accessible without any problems. The persistent error across different computers and networks indicates that the issue is unrelated to the local network or connectivity.


Steps Taken to Address the Issue:

  • Cleared cache and all
  • Incognito
  • Contacted my Internet Service Provider to ensure that my internet connection is functioning correctly. confirmed that there are no restrictions or blocks on their end that could be contributing to the issue.
  • To assess the network performance, I conducted a series of network speed tests. These tests revealed a minimum download speed of 398.42 Mbps. The results suggest that the network connection is functioning within the expected parameters.
  • To eliminate the possibility of a local network or device-specific issue, I conducted tests from multiple locations. Testing was performed on twelve different computers, each connected to different internet providers and networks. Out of these tests, four computers consistently displayed the same error message when trying to access the artcoolture.com website.


Same error found on the following links:



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