Why did my online store disappear after changing the primary domain?

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We have recently set up a store called primal zen linked to our gmail account shopprimalzen@gmail.com. We bought the domain called Primalzen.co and received an email saying “shopify changed the primary domain from 805d8b-4.myshopify.com to primalzen.co”


We then created our store and changed all our settings to suit our preferences.


A couple of days later we tried to log back in and our store was nowhere to be found and is now replaced by a store name 39fc92-3.myshopify.com which is completely blank. 


We have contacted help support but it is frustrating as the customer agent doesn’t seem to know how to solve our issue.


we’ve paid for a monthly subscription on our old store and paid for the domain name and have proved this all to the customer agent


Can anyone please help because I am at my wits end 

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