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Why does my cart duplicate item quantities?

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Hi All,


I am having some major issues with my website  on and off for months now. 


When a customer adds an item to the cart, then goes to the cart page, the quantities are duplicating.


Eg - instead of ordering 1 item the cart is showing 2, When a customer tries to remove the extra item, it upsets the whole cart


I am using the Broadcast theme


Website is


Any help would be greatful.

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Hello ,
I have added some product  in cart on your site it works perfectly on cart page.

I can't found any issue?

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Thank you for your reply


When a customer tries to remove the extra item, it removes and adds extra items to/from other items they are trying to purchase


It does not happen all the time, but i get at least 5 emails a week, telling me the cart is not working correctly

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I have the same problem. Any solution to this?

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I'm having the same issue long term. No custom code, just paid shopify theme Prestige

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I can see how this might happen if there's some JavaScript errors in the theme with AJAX carts. We can cover that shortly but what has me interested is this comment you made:

"When a customer tries to remove the extra item, it upsets the whole cart"


What does "upset" mean in this case? Something breaks? What do you see? Any context here may give some clues.

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We're having the same issue here. The customer informed us that they put 1 item in the cart and it turned into 4 in the cart. They didn't realize until after they submitted the order. I tested the site and added things to the cart with no problem. The only "glitch" I had was after adding a couple items into my cart, I selected the "Buy It Now" option and it completely cleared my cart.

Any solutions? We're using the free Dawn version 2.4.0 template.

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Hello, we are having this same issue. It's very intermittent and we are using Turbo 9.0. Were you able to figure out what was causing the issue?