Why is my cart page loading slowly and how can I fix it?

Why is my cart page loading slowly and how can I fix it?

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Ive been noticing on my site the cart page is quite slow in loading when the page is opening. Is there a quick fix for this? Maybe a coding fix?

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Hello @saustin,
Please share your website URL.

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Hello @saustin,

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Please share your store URL.

Meanwhile, the following tips will help you significantly speed up your Shopify store.

1. See the "Console" tab in the developer tool window for the checkout page and see if there are any errors in the console.
2. Check the "Network" tab in the developer tool window for the checkout page and see if any script is taking too much time to load and if any files are erroring.
3. Use a theme which is optimized for performance means a theme which is responsive, fast, and takes minimal time to load the page.
4. Remove all unwanted Shopify Apps which you are not using
You should disable app features you don't use, or you can remove the app if you don't need it. If you are removing an app make sure to remove code that was added as part of the app install process.
5. You can run the Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome to identify the lines of code that are slowing down pages in your online store.
6. Use minified CSS and JS files
7. Reduce the HTTP requests. For example: Combine & inline your CSS scripts
8. Minimize broken links and redirects - Avoid unnecessary Redirects and fix broken links

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Hello @saustin,


Could you share your website URL, so that we can check the issue on our end and help you with an ideal solution?




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